Employee Engagement and Motivation

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Training & Human Resources

Course Description

Keeping levels of employee engagement at a satisfactory level is one of the biggest challenges employers may face at present. Pay cuts, pay freezes, redundancies, slashed learning & development budgets, and even working for a period without pay significantly impacts on employee engagement. This course is designed to convey principles and techniques that are based upon a modern understanding of the subject, rather than relying on conventional notions that people are solely motivated by material rewards, such as pay increases, commission and bonuses

Course Objectives

·         Understanding the value of employee engagement to an organization

·         Learning how to measure the level of employee engagement in their organization

·         Being familiar with designing, carrying out and interpreting engagement surveys

·         Identifying and developing the required change initiatives

·         Understanding the impact of engagement on business performance

Who Should Attend?

·         Managers

·         Supervisors

·         Business owners

·         Top management for small and medium enterprises

·         Those who are interested in increasing their managerial skills to effectively and efficiently manage 

Program Schedule


·         Introduction to employee engagement

·         Why employee engagement is important to an organization?

·         How to measure engagement in an organization?

·         Employee engagement - from people to profits

·         The doom and gloom of a disengaged workforce



·         Understanding the drivers of engagement

·         The right and wrong drivers

·         The main pillars of engagement

·         The engagement model

·         The benefits of a committed workforce


·         Employee engagement designing and conducting

·         Employee engagement analyzing and interpreting the data

·         How good or bad are you in employee engagement?

·         Reporting on employee engagement surveys

·         Giving employees feedback



·         The talent war – the cost of losing it

·         Closing the engagement gap

·         Involving and empowering employees

·         Building the employee brand 

·         Building high performance teams


·         Developing an engagement strategy

·         Tools, tips and advice for employee engagement

·         Communication and engagement

·         Ceo - chief engagement officer

·         Leadership that ignites passion

·         Using metrics to stay on track

·         The change competencies

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