Human Resources Performance Improvements

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Cairo / Egypt
Category: Training & Human Resources

Course Description

A performance improvement plan is a formal process used by supervisors to help employees improve performance or modify behavior.  The performance improvement plan, as it is sometimes called, identifies performance and/or behavioral issues that need to be corrected and creates a written plan of action to guide the improvement and/or corrective action. This course offers a deep-dive into HPI topics, presented in an engaging, interactive, and easy-to-apply way

Course Objectives

·         Knowing the origins and major theories of HPI

·         Being able to examine and apply analysis models to determine the performance gap and its root causes

·         Learning how to evaluate the impact of solutions

·         Outlining a strategy for selecting solutions that address the root causes of performance gaps

·         Identifying standard practices and relationships engaged in by performance consultants

·         Learning how to lead the design and development of solutions

Who Should Attend?

·         Team leaders

·         Project managers

·         Supervisors and team members

·         Anyone who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals

·         Anyone involved in HR planning.


Program Schedule


·         Coaching and counselling

·         Your role and the role of others

·         Key skills of an effective coach

·         A structured approach to coaching

·         Management of self and time

·         Understanding how well you use your time

·         Identifying your key result areas

·         Prioritising your activities

·         Planning and scheduling your work


·         Top tips on time management

·         Effective management of meetings

·         Preparing for the meeting

·         Facilitating the meeting

·         Managing the follow-up

·         A checklist on meeting skills

·         The legal framework

·         Statutory employment rights


·         Defining employment status

·         Agency workers

·         Contractors' staff

·         How Employment Tribunals determine status

·         Managing agency workers, contractors and self-employed

·         Employment Equality 

·         Age discrimination


·         Direct and indirect discrimination

·         Managing attendance

·         The legal dimension

·         Procedure for dealing with long-term absence

·         Return to work interviews

·         Medical certificates

·         Unfair dismissal

·         Types of dismissal


·         Automatically unfair dismissal

·         Compensation - current developments

·         Rights of representation

·         Disciplinary procedures

·         A fair disciplinary procedure

·         Understanding the new legislation

·         Dealing with conduct and capability

·         Employees' rights

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