Security Planning and Operations

Start Date: 23 Jan 2022
End Date: 27 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description


Effective security is a vital prerequisite of business success, and recent history is littered with examples of companies which have failed because of security inadequacies.

But the days of the industrial policeman are long past. Modern security is a highly specialized and skilled business, calling for a wide range of abilities and qualities on the part of the professionals who lead it.

At the same time, it must be realized that security sits within the corporate strategy, and must contribute to the organisations goals. Integration of the security function into senior-level corporate planning is essential.

The modern security manager should be a key player in the company, who can plan and run an effective security strategy, and a competent and well-trained team, which together will enable the organization to operate effectively, free from the consequences of the unexpected.

Course Objective


At the end of the Seminar, delegates should understand the principles of:

         Designing a comprehensive security strategy for a major organization or facility.

         Integrating security into the goals of the corporate strategy.

         Running the security function within a major organization.

         Motivating staff in the implementation of effective corporate security


Training Methodology

The seminar will combine classroom presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video material. Delegates will be encouraged to adopt an enquiring and innovative approach to the consideration of security management issues, and to participate in daily problem-solving exercises.


Who Should attend?


         Security Directors and Managers

         Facilities Directors and Managers

         HR and Administrative Managers with responsibility for security

         Project Managers

         Health Safety and Fire Managers

         Security Supervisors

Course Outline


Day 1

Security as a strategic core activity

         Threat assessment and surveys

         Identification with corporate objectives

         Strategic design of security

         Legal considerations

         Long-term planning and budgeting

         Selection of the security manager

         Reporting, delegation and allocation of responsibility

         Board level briefings

         Planning exercise


Day 2

Security Defenses

         The ab initio design philosophy

         Physical protection measures

         Electronic systems (IDS, CCTV, Access Control, EAS)

         System Integration

         Procedural defenses

         Security control rooms

         Information security

         Computer security

         Equipment review and assessment


Day 3
Human Aspects of Security

         Staff selection and vetting

         Selection factors specific to security staff

         Training for security staff
Specialist security equipment

         Security education programmes for all staff

         Electronic systems and access control

         Gaining employee support for the security function

         Security newsletters

         Protection of personnel

         Audit and investigations


Day 4
Contingency and Emergency Planning

         What is an emergency?

         Contingency policies

         Crisis management teams

         Crisis management centres

         Disaster recovery & business continuity

         Contingency planning training

         Specialist assistance

         Special risks insurance

         Crisis management exercise


Day 5
The integration of the security strategy

         Senior management commitment to security


         Review scheduling

         Security as a proit centre

         Total quality management

         The "onion skin approach to security

         Personal qualities of the security manager

         Final table-top exercise

Discussion and course critique

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