Managing Asbestos In Buildings And Auditing Its Removal

Start Date: 25 Sep 2022
End Date: 29 Sep 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Madrid / Spain
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description


The course covers a broad range of asbestos related matters including the nature of asbestos, its properties and health effects, asbestos in buildings, asbestos management plans & strategies, the roles of asbestos surveyors, contractors and analysts.  The course includes a full range of PowerPoint presentations, video, accompanying notes and additional course materials.  In addition to classroom based tutorials, delegates undergo practical assessments and role playing which helps combine all aspects of the course and helps give the candidate an overview of the situations that they may experience on site.  Please follow the links below for further information on the course syllabus and practical assessment.




Course Objective


Management of Asbestos in Buildings module provides the trainee with the practical knowledge and skills to be able to manage asbestos in buildings and a knowledge base to audit asbestos removal projects.



Who Should attend?


The course is designed to offer candidates the practical knowledge and skills to be able to manage asbestos in buildings and give a knowledge base to audit asbestos removal projects.  The course is also useful for those that are responsible for managing asbestos in a building or estates that have no real experience within the asbestos industry.




Course Outline



         Introduction and objectives of the


         Principle health and safety legislation

         Asbestos legislation

         Management of Asbestos in buildings

         Types and uses of Asbestos in Buildings



         Management of Asbestos in buildings (cont.)

         Asbestos remediation



         Remediation measures

         Removal procedures

         Waste removal



         Asbestos remediation, cont .

         Role of the Laboratory/analyst

         Air Monitoring and other techniques

         Four stage clearance and testing of


         Overview of Modules 1 and Module2 Any Questions



         Practical Assessments

         Course Short answer question paper 2 Hours duration

         Final summing up end of course

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