Excellence in Communication and Presentation Skills

Start Date: 2 Jan 2022
End Date: 6 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey

• Communication Essentials

• Business Communication

• Business Writing Skills

• Running Effective Meetings

• Effective Presentation Skills

Who should attend:

• Managers

• Senior Managers

Daily Outlines:

Day 1: Communication Essentials

• Why is Communication important, and what do we need to do about it?

o The 5 Components of Communication

o The audience 

o The message (content, body language and noise)

o The channels

o The frequency

o The feedback 

o Transmission 

The appropriate and effective channels to use (Letters, e-mails, verbal, etc.)

o Reception

o Processing the information

o Cultural aspects of Communication

o Avoiding common pitfalls

o Lessons learnt from the media 

o Lessons learnt from the advertising industry (The Day-After-Recall)

o Exercise

Day 2 :Business Communication

• The significance of Communication in Business

• Modes of Communication in Business

• Conventions, protocol and etiquette

• Communication and Technology

• Cultural aspects of Communication in Business

• The written Communication

• The verbal Communication

• The presentation

• Exercise

Day 3: Business Writing Skills

• English language as used in business (Grammar, Syntax, Vocabulary)

• Business language and writing skills 

• The Context, the Message, the Channels, the Style … 

• The Language used, common terms and phrases

• Selling a concept or Soliciting an action

• The Directive … To do or not to do … that is the question

• The Communiqué

• The Press Release

• Avoiding common pitfalls

• Exercise

Day 4 :Running Effective Meetings

• Meetings can be a total waste of time …

• Managers spend more time in meetings than any other management activity

• The 7 elements of a meeting

• How to manage a meeting effectively

• The parking lot

• How to deal with disruptors

• Avoiding common pitfalls

• Exercise

Day 5 :Effective Presentation Skills 

• Presentations that WOW your audience … 

• The Attributes of a Great Presentation

• How to Create a Great Presentation

o Defining your audience

o Preparation strategies 

o Impact design concepts (building a meaningful message, slides design, and images)

o How to Deliver a Great Presentation

o Engaging your audience (building audience rapport and influence)

o Power impact techniques (using confident body language)

o Power delivery strategies (speaking with confidence)

• Adult communication concepts (adult learning styles)

• Personal style (charisma, presence, dynamism and dealing with nervousness)

• Self-perception (how others see you)

• Handling questions (including difficult questions)

• Developing spontaneity (including thinking on your feet)

• Exercise

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