The Power of Leaders & Managers - Leading to Maximize Performance

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur

Need & Benefit

This program offers an extensive training on Confident Leadership in the 21st Century. This workshop will provide the most comprehensive training on leadership effectiveness with his/her followers in formal organizations with practical suggestions for improving leadership skills. It introduces The Nature of Leadership, The Nature of Managerial Work, Perspectives on Effective Leadership Behavior,

Participative Leadership, Delegation, and Empowerment, Managerial Traits and Skills Theories of Effective Leadership, Leading Change in Organizations, Leadership in Teams and Decision Groups, Strategic Leadership by Top Executives and Developing Leadership Skills 

How will this program be conducted?

Participants will brainstorm and work together in order to better understand and apply the concepts of leadership, management, and organization structure. It will also help participants to update and develop their knowledge, skills and attitude through several case studies, videos, valuable exercises and group think activities that will be assigned to them during this workshop. 

Why this course is designed for you?

This seminar is expected to improve the participants’ know-how and core competencies in area related to conducting business and taking decisions that will lead to improve leadership and management skills. By the end of this program, the participants will have a better understanding of how to lead people using best practices in a way to improve the structure of their organizations. Valuable tips will be offered to participants to improve their work performance and to efficiently their companies’ resources.


• Confident Leadership

• Situational Leadership Theory

• Strategies and tools to overcome 21st Century challenges

• To become a more Effective Leader

• To develop Effective Communication Skills and appreciation of the inter-functional coordination necessary for quality service.

• To learn different Leadership Styles and how to deal with it.

• To learn the importance Followers

• Multi culture and Leadership

• Creative Leadership

• Innovative Leadership

• To become a better Leader in the 21st Century

Who should attend:

We expect the target audience to represent the management as well as the top-management levels of the companies. However, any person who has an interest to develop his/her skills in these specific areas is eligible to attend this program. Beside;

• Top Management

• Marketing Managers

• Sales Managers

• Operations Manager

• Finance Manager

• Human Resources Manager

Daily Outlines:

Day One

• What is Leadership Today and in the 21st Century .

• Confident Leaders

• Followers Trust in Leaders

• Creative Leadership

• Innovative Leadership

• Strategic Leadership

• Organizational Culture

Day Two

• The Nature Of Leadership

• The Nature of Managerial Work

• Effective Leadership

• Change Management

• Productive Performance Leadership

• Delegation and Empowerment 

Day Three

• Organizational Behavior

• Multi Culture

• Diversity

• Effective Communication

• Leadership in Teams 

• Leadership in Decision Groups

Day Four

• Leadership Styles

• Developing Leadership Skills

• Problem Solving and Leadership

• Competent Leadership

• Leadership Dimensions

• Leadership in the 21st Century

Day Five

• Leadership Dimensions

• Charismatic Leadership

• Supportive Leadership

• Critical Thinking

• Knowledge Management

• Emotional Intelligence

• The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders and Managers

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