Strategic Planning and Business Plans Development

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Madrid / Spain

This specific training offers to participants a variety of valued information about strategy roadmap which mainly covers key aspects of planning, strategic planning, operational management and strategic management. Given the rapid pace of globalization and new business requirements, organizations must either cope with modern business trends or ready to face the risk and jeopardize its identity. Accordingly, the ability to realize the significance of effective business plan and strategic planning will have a direct impact and effects on business results and outcomes. As a matter of fact, this will not only leverage the companyís strategic performance and financials; but it will also enhance employeesí productivity to better assume their roles and professional responsibility in the workplace This program will certainly aid the company to set-up a clear business plan which will yield to higher profits and return on investment.

Who should attend:

This training will be animated by a certified trainer and qualified expert in the field of Management and HR Consultancy Services. We expect the target audience to represent the middle and higher level management to benefit from the information shared and case studies. However, any person who is interested to attend this workshop is most welcome to join us in this special program.

Daily Outlines:

Day One

Effective Strategic Planning 

 Introduce the concept of planning and strategic planning.

 Describe the general aspects of planning and developing work plan

 Explain the benefits of strategic planning and types of plans. 

 Highlight the internal and external realities which affect work planning. 

 Share some guidelines on how to ensure effective strategic planning. 

Day Two

Operating Model

 Identify the phases related to the process of strategic planning. 

 Highlight the operating model and all the components related to it. 

 Define strategic goals and how they should be aligned with business strategy.

 Recognize the main parties involved in the strategic planning process. 

 Share some tips and advice on how to implement a business plan strategy. 

Day Three

Health Check

 Identify the general factors and requirements for health check

 Explain what information is required for health check and follow-up. 

 Identify the main issues and challenged faced in reviewing the companyís status. 

 Use adequate resources to ensure competitive advantage and sustainability. 

 Provide some tips on how to apply an effective business strategy to ensure good results. 

Day Four

Strategy Evaluation and Monitoring 

 Highlight the significance of strategy evaluation and monitoring. 

 Identify the parties that should be concerned in strategy evaluation and monitoring.

 Explain the differences between cost-benefits analysis and return on investment. 

 Suggest some proactive/reactive measures to cope with changing circumstances. 

 Share some tips and advice on how to change and implement a business strategy.

Day Five

Performance Management and Development

 Link performance management with changing factors and circumstances. 

 Identify individual SWOT points i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. 

 Set a personal development plan and seeking professional development.

 Identify the main challenges faced and seek constructive feedback. 

 Cope with various changes and seeking better results and outcomes. 

 Wrap up, conclusion and evaluation.

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