Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader

Start Date: 16 Jan 2022
End Date: 20 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE

This Training course program will Learn how to become an innovator, a persuasive player and a champion of strategic change. This Training gives the operational managers the right practice to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. They 'll conduct SWOT analysis, leverage key prospects for strategic opportunities and inspire risk taking and innovation. 

Seize the chance to make their mark. This training gives them the skills to add value to their organization and move their teams forward decisively


Become a change master who encourages innovative thought and behaviour.

•Set the right vision for your team, department and organization.

•Understand how to plan for a successful future.

•Align the workforce to achieve heightened performance and increased bottom-line results.

•Discover the power of emotional intelligence—leading with a healthy and wise demeanor 

•Flex your leadership styles when there are changes in people and conditions 

•Ensure that your behavior is always ethical, reflective of your organization’s values

Who should attend:

Managers with fewer than five years of management experience who want to move into a more strategic role.

Daily Outlines:

DAY 1:

-Crossing from Operational Management to Strategic Leadership 

• Establish a working definition of operational management Vs Strategic Management.

• Explore the key attributes of managers vs. those of today’s strategic leaders. 

DAY 2:

a- Mission of the Organization 

•Clarify the purpose of your work unit in the context of your organization 

•Develop a draft mission statement for future strategic decision-making 

b- A Vision of the Future 

•Identify the forces influencing the future of your work unit 

•Formulate a plan to implement the visioning process as a key step in applying your new strategic leadership skills back in the workplace

DAY 3:

a- A Strategic Frame of Reference 

•Develop a strategic approach for your own work environment 

•Define key outputs at each level, using the model as a planning tool, for your actual business situation 

b- Priorities for Strategic Action 

•Use a tool for setting your work unit's priorities, and apply it to a real business situation 

•Determine optimal approaches for developing customer input and data 

•Develop a plan to use the tool back at work 

DAY 4:

a -Profile of the Manager/Leader 

•Evaluate your current application of managerial and strategic leadership approaches using a self-assessment tool 

•Plan specific actions to take back to your workplace by looking at your own staff in terms of what they currently need from you as a strategic leader 

b -Communication and Influence Skills 

•Develop strategies for increasing your influencing skills as a leader 

•Explore a range of options for enhancing communication effectiveness 

DAY 5:

a- Leading Change 

•Relate organizational change to major business trends 

•Assess your skills in leading change 

•Plan strategies for specific change 

b- Strategic Plan for Personal Growth 

•Select specific applications of the concepts and develop specific implementation strategies, including a timetable for taking action when you return to work

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