Decision Making and Thinking Theory

Start Date: 23 Jan 2022
End Date: 27 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Moscow

The purpose of this program is to provide the participants with skills and competencies to enable them to solve problems and take decisions, for working towards continuous improvements within their work context. In five days, we will provide the participants with a framework of tools and techniques to develop new ways of thinking, solving problems and reaching to rational decisions.

The program will provide the participants the theory and then the opportunity to apply the theory in a practical way to improve the quality their work. Influencing management decision-making styles in a way that encourages participants and transferring styles of management.


Make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving 

Adapt to different thinking styles in group and team environments 

Key steps in problem solving and decision making

Developing the creative side of your brain.

Recognize and remove barriers to individual and group creativity 

Systematically analyze a target problem 

Choose the decision-making strategy that best fits the situation 

Transform your creativity into practical business solutions

Who should attend:

These programs are designed for individuals who have or expect to have responsibility for leading or managing a project, subproject, or project phase. Newcomers will learn new skills. More experienced managers will enhance their ability to apply what they already know.

Daily Outlines:

Day One:

• The international changes in the global era.

• Learning Styles as a theoretical approach for problem Solving.

• Understanding of your own and other’s learning styles.

• Stages of problem solving.

• Types of problems.

• Blocks to effective problem solving.

• Exercises.

Day Two:

• Different thinking styles and problem solving.

• Creative thinking and problem solving.

• Identifying/ define the problem

• Analyze the environment.

• The problem: identify root causes.

• Problem Solving and decision making within teams.

• Exercises

Third Day:

• Tools and techniques to identify the problems.

• The Model of problem solving and decision making.

• Applying Problem Solving Tools to real life.

• Generate Potential solutions.

• Exercises.

Fourth Day:

• Types of alternatives.

• Tools for generating alternatives. 

• Exercises.

Fifth Day:

• Decision taking definition.

• Decision taking and decision making.

• Assessing taking decision processes.

• The decision making and taking process: the behavioral aspects.

• Exercises.

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