Electrical Transmission Lines - Design, Operation and Protection

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Electrical Transmission system is the means of transmitting power from generating station to different load centers. Transmission lines represent a huge capital investment. The careful planning and design of electrical transmission lines are essential to insure reliable and economical operation of power systems.

This workshop will emphasize topics relevant to transmission lines Design, Operation and Protection. The installation of transmission lines will be also examined. Hands on practical examples will be provided to demonstrate many of the essential steps in transmission lines design and performance monitoring.


Upon successful completion of this training program, the participants will learn the following:

 The basic elements of electrical transmission lines

 The planning procedure of electrical transmission lines

 Selection of various elements of electrical transmission lines 

 Electrical transmission lines performance analysis

 electrical transmission lines protection

 Testing and operating problems

Who should attend:

The course is targeted to Engineers and Senior Technicians working in electrical transmission lines Design, Operation and protection.

Daily Outlines:

Day 1

General Layout of the System

Power Systems and System Networks

Voltage levels

Effect of Voltage on Transmission Efficiency

Transmission Lines Design 

Comparison of Conductor Materials Required for Various Overhead Systems

Constants of a Transmission Line

Reactance of an Isolated Single-phase Transmission Line

Reactance of 3-phase Transmission Line

Capacitance of a Single-phase Transmission Line

Capacitance of a Three-phase Transmission Line

Short Single-phase Line Calculations

Conductor Materials

Day 2

Transmission Lines Design Modeling 

Three-phase Transmission Line Constants

Effects of Capacitance

Nominal T-method-

Nominal ”π- method

Load Division Between Parallel Lines

Performance of Transmission Lines

ABCD Parameters of Transmission Line

Short Transmission Line

Medium Transmission Line

Long Transmission Line

Day 3

Transmission Lines Installation

Electrical Insulator

Types of Electrical Insulator

Insulation Coordination

Insulator Testing

Electrical Isolator or Isolation Switch

Calculation of Voltage Distribution along Different Units

Transmission Tower

Transmission Tower Erection

Transmission Tower Foundation Concept

Transmission Tower Foundation Design

Sag and Stress Analysis

Sag and Tension with Supports at Equal Levels

Sag and Tension with Supports at Unequal Levels

Day 4

Transmission Lines Operation

Charging Current and Line Loss of an Unloaded Transmission Line

Electrical Power Factor

Power System Stability

Skin Effect in Transmission Lines

Ferranti Effect in Power System

Corona Effect in Power System

Visual Critical Voltage

Corona Power

Disadvantages of Corona

Day 5

Transmission Lines Protection

Electrical Power Transmission System and Network

Fault current calculation

Behavior of Transmission Lines during Faults 

Microcomputer Controlled Relays

Circuit Breakers




Shield Wires for Lightning Protection

Selective coordination

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