High Performance Leadership

Start Date: 9 Jan 2022
End Date: 13 Jan 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Sharm Alshaikh / Egypt

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business landscape, leaders must be able to drive and manage change with high performing workgroups that can adapt quickly and smartly to create value for the company. To succeed, leaders must identify and craft their own unique leadership style that will encourage and foster the type of environment necessary to bring about desired behaviors for accelerated growth, profitability, and innovation. By leveraging their strengths, leaders will be able to lead more effectively and drive strategic direction for their business unit. Learn techniques to create a high-performance work environment that will foster sustainable, profitable growth in your organization.


• Recognize the characteristics of high-performing leaders and workgroups

• Encourage an environment that drives high performance

• Effectively drive and manage change

• Apply the principles of respectful communication

• Collaborate to solve complex problems

• Create a plan to eradicate the barriers to high performance in your business unit

• Partner with other workgroups to effect positive change in the company

• Surround yourself with people who have skills that complement your own

• Identify, replicate, and nurture high-performance behaviors and workgroups throughout the organization

• Develop a structured approach to preparing for and thinking more complexly about negotiations and everyday influence situations

• Develop a framework for avoiding individual decision traps and improving team decisions

• Lead more effectively and drive strategic direction by leveraging your strengths

Who should attend:

• Newly appointed or experienced leaders who are expected to demonstrate core competencies, while being problem solvers, decision makers and results producers in a daily environment that features change, issues and ill - structured challenges. These leaders feel the need to equip themselves with techniques that can help achieve greater daily success. With limited resources and numerous exogenous variables affecting your ability to function at peak performance levels, you will benefit from the best leadership practices and performance leadership techniques that promote innovation, interdependence and proactive thinking.

Daily Outlines:

Day 1:

Introduction to High-Performance Leadership

• What drives high performance in uncertain economic times?

• The three drivers and corresponding attributes of a high-performing work environment

• Leadership challenges and ramifications of the changing business landscape

• Discussion and exploration of your Personal Leadership

• Challenge (PLC)

Leadership: Encouraging a High-Performance Environment

• How does leadership behavior encourage or discourage the behaviors of the workforce?

• Familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors

• Identifying and enabling top performers

Day 2:

The Tenets of a High-Performance Environment

• What happens in a changing environment?

• How should leaders manage change?

• Optimizing thinking during change

• The 20/60/20 rule, unspeakable subjects, and making loud statements of change

• Creating flexible work environments that adapt quickly to change

Day 3:

Respectful Communication: More than the Dissemination of Information

• How do leaders communicate to encourage high performance?

• Key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive

• Implicit vs. explicit rules of communication

• How communication breaks down and stifles high performance

• The anatomy of a miscommunication

• Diffusing negative emotions

• Challenging assumptions

• Answering tough questions

Day 4:

Building a High-Performance Environment

• What is the key leadership attributes in a high-performance environment?

• Learning from each other’s experiences and brainstorming new ideas

• Quick wins to take back and begin implementing immediately

Now Discover Your Strengths

• What are your leadership strengths?

• Taking the Strengths finder™ profile to discover your strengths

• Identifying and learning to manage your strengths

• Managing around weaknesses without over-investing in them

• Focusing on and leveraging your unique, personal strengths to lead your unit more effectively and to lead transformational change within the organization

Day 5:

Critical Thinking and Consensus: Decision Making

• What is the importance of group process dynamics?

• Pitfalls and benefits of team decision making as compared to individual decision making

• Elements of team processes for making decisions: group and interpersonal

• Contributors to group decisions: consensus and Groupthink

• Developing a framework for avoiding individual decision traps and improving team decisions.

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