Workforce Management

Start Date: 9 Jun 2024
End Date: 13 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: San Francisco / USA
Category: Training & Human Resources

Course Description

Workforce Management (WFM) is an essential part of operations in any contact center. An effective use of available staff can enhance the service level and minimizes the wait time and frustration for the customers. At the same time, a timely and flexible schedule can increase employee satisfaction and ensure that staff are available for various tasks when needed while minimizing the overall operating costs. A complete WFM process is required to create planning documents, call volume forecasts, agents schedules and intra-day adjustments. This course offers an overview of the entire WFM process starting from gathering historical data and ending with reporting and improving the results and everything in between, such as planning, queuing theory and forecasting, scheduling and intra-day activities

Course Objectives

         Understanding the basic WFM statistics

         Being familiar with a variety of forecasting models and determining what works best for you

         Providing more value through reporting and data administration

         Getting the most out of Excel

         Using forecasting, scheduling, and analysis tools to increase efficiency

         Reducing the "chaos mentality" of real-time management and building a proactive real-time management plan

         Creating long-term staffing plans that account for the realities in your center

         Identifying how and when to reforecast

Who Should Attend?

         HR managers

         WFM professionals

         Team leaders

         Those who are new to WFM


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