Insulators Specifications and Selection

Start Date: 3 Dec 2023
End Date: 7 Dec 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description

Overview of insulating materials in high voltage equipment. Electrical insulation systems and design concepts. Degradation mechanisms and defects. Basic methods for diagnostics and monitoring based on insulation resistance, loss tangent, and capacitance. Advanced methods based on dielectric spectroscopy, polarisation and depolarisation currents, recovery voltage. Partial discharge measurements based on oscilloscope techniques, phase resolved acquisition techniques, acoustical PD measurements, PD localisation. On-line techniques. Chemical and physical analyzing methods. High voltage test methods: AC, DC and impulse. Power equipment: generators, breakers, transformers, cables, capacitors, outdoor insulation, etc. Participants also learn how to choose the right solution for badly performing insulators in high voltage stations and lines. When the right actions and procedures are selected using a full understanding of the background data, and how targeted maintenance can improve the performance of insulators and bushings with pollution and wetting problems

Course Objectives

·         Understanding the installation, fitting, fabrication and attachment of insulation, finishing and weatherproofing materials to a high standard of workmanship

·         Describing the mechanisms behind ageing and deterioration of electrical insulation systems

·         Describing the principle of operation for basic methods of diagnostics and monitoring

·         Analyzing the information content given by the different instruments

·         Analyzing possible error sources in the results

·         Using and developing models for interpretation of measurement results based on equipment design and material properties

·         Identifying when there is a need or not for a complementary high voltage stress test

Who Should Attend?

·         Maintenance supervisors

·         Electrical engineers

·         Electricians

·         Service technicians

·         Line and station engineers

·         Reliability specialists

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