Risk Based Strategies for Inspection & Maintenance

Start Date: 10 Dec 2023
End Date: 14 Dec 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Engineering and Technical Programs

Course Description

Systematic risk-based inspection can assess the likelihood and potential consequences of the failure of pressure equipment. Risk-based inspection provides an opportunity for companies to prioritize inspection equipment; improve methods of inspection,frequency resources,develop specific plans inspection equipment, and enable the implementation of reliability centered maintenance. This results in improved safety and less risk of failure , forced shutdowns, and reduce operational costs

Course Objectives

·         understanding of the key aspects of Risk Based Inspection, its advantages and limitations

·         understanding of how it is linked to reliability-centered maintenance

·         Understand how fitness-for-service assessment affects the Risk

·         Provide you with the practical and effective methods you need to perform practical likelihood and consequence analysis

·         Learning how to develop optimum Inspection intervals for individual equipment based on the assessment of the active degradation 

Who Should Attend?

·         Operations Engineers

·         Maintenance Engineers

·         Engineering managers and supervisors

·         Technical staff with responsibilities for inspection, maintenance, assessment and mitigation of plant equipment degradation

Program Schedule


·         Significance of Inspection in Plant Integrity and Maintenance Costs

·         Common Inspection Strategies and Their Limitations

·         Risk-Based Decision-Making Fundamentals and Tools

·         Understanding and Managing Risk


·         Risk Based Inspection Definitions 

·         Risk Based Inspection Evolution

·         Key Elements of RBI

·         Reasons for implementing Risk Based Inspection

·         API Risk-Based Inspection Methodology

·         Impact of RBI on Related API Codes, Standards, and Recommended Practices

·         API Risk Based Inspection Software


·         Overview of over 60 damage mechanisms found in refineries

·         Detailed discussion of some common damage mechanisms

·         Identification of Deterioration Mechanisms & Failure Modes

·         Selection of Suitable Materials for Specific Deterioration Mechanisms

·         Integrated Asset Management


·         Inspection planning guidance

·         Need for some speculative/exploratory inspection

·         RBI Implementation

·         Developing Equipment and piping systems/circuits Inventory

·         Inspection History, Interpretation

·         Equipment Data Base


·         Inspection Interval Optimization Based on Assessed Risk

·         Evaluation of Inspection Results

·         Fitness-For-Service Assessments

·         Estimation of Consequences of Failures

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