E-Procurement Strategies for Success

Start Date: 16 Jun 2024
End Date: 20 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Purchases and Store Programs

Course Description


The variety of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and software available to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement function is growing. It has been proved that Procurement Management Information Systems (PMIS) and e-procurement applications can deliver significant benefits to governments and organisations

This course will demonstrate how ICT can be used to optimise procurement performance and how procurement processes and management can be 'e'-enabled. It will describe the development of appropriate and sustainable e-procurement strategies in a phased approach.

Course Objective


By the end of the course you will be able to:

·         Understand ICT and e-terminology

·         Create an optimal e-strategy for your procurement operation

·         Tender for and contract manage the purchase of a PMIS and e-procurement system successfully

·         Take steps to implement and operate your PMIS and e-procurement system

·         Ensure sustainability and success of your PMIS and e-procurement operation



Who Should attend?


Staff involved in acquiring, implementing and overseeing PMIS or e-procurement from procurement regulatory authorities, procurement departments or IT departments. It will also benefit Ministry of Finance employees with expenditure control responsibilities, representatives of donor organisations and PMIS and e-procurement project managers and their support staff.

Course Outline


ICT and e-procurement foundations

·         What are e-procurement and PMIS, the market place, people, process and technology, organisational systems: fitting pieces together, ICT basics

E-vision and strategy

·         Business drivers and benefits, E-readiness and needs assessment, Stakeholders - managing expectations, project governance, manage the pace of change

Choosing your e-procurement system

·         Identifying and improving current processes, Requirements definition, the procurement process, robust contract terms and conditions, system evaluation and selection

Implementing e-procurement systems

·         Project initiation and resourcing, project governance, planning and management, change control, risks and issues, building and delivering PMIS and e-procurement, testing and go live

Managing change in the wider context

·         Leadership, legal and regulatory frameworks, institutional frameworks, Institutional frameworks, organisational structure, individuals, skills, responsibilities, role change

Managing e-procurement operations

·         Upgrades, funding and costs, system support, continuous learning and development

Ensuring sustainability and success

·         Post implementation review, benchmarking improvement in procurement performance, monitoring and evaluation

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