Respiratory Protection Training

Start Date: 18 Jun 2023
End Date: 22 Jun 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description


An estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States. Respirators protect workers against insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. These hazards may cause cancer, lung impairment, other diseases, or death. Compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard could avert hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses annually.

Respiratory Protection is addressed in standards specifically for the general, shipyard employment, marine terminals, long shoring, and construction industries.

Course Objective


This section highlights OSHA standards, the Regulatory Agenda (a list of actions being taken with regard to OSHA standards), preambles to final rules (background to final rules), Federal Registers (rules, proposed rules, and notices), directives (instructions for compliance officers), standard interpretations (official letters of interpretation of the standards) and publications related to respiratory protection.

Who Should attend?


This course will be of interest to Occupational Health Professionals including Occupational Health Doctors and Nurses, including Industrial First Aiders. It would also be of interest to any other medical /Para-medical personnel working in an industrial environment i.e. Oil / Gas industry medics.


Other Professionals operating in Occupational Risk Management would benefit from this course such as Health & Safety Managers / Operatives, Loss Control Officers, Safety Representatives, Personnel and General Management

Course Outline


This course provides coverage of the training required by OSHA including: Types of respirators and when to use them, capabilities and limitations of respirators, medical requirements for using respirators, how to fit-test and leak-test respirators, care and maintenance of respirators, and the typical contents of a written respiratory protection program. Subject areas and content include:

·         Types of respirators and when to use them

·         Capabilities and limitations of respirators

·         Medical requirements for using respirators

·         How to fit test and leak test respirators

·         Care and maintenance of respirators

·         Types of Respirators

·         Exposure Assessment

·         Respirator Selection

·         Medical Requirements

·         Fit Testing

·         Leak Testing

·         Emergencies

·         Written Programs








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