Principles and Practice of Air Pollution Control

Start Date: 25 Jun 2023
End Date: 29 Jun 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description

This entry-level course presents a broad overview of the major aspects of air pollution control. The lessons include information about pollutants, pollutant sources, effects of pollution, dispersion of pollutants, measurement and control of emissions, laws and regulations pertaining to air pollution control, and other related topics. This course is a recommended background course for all areas of study in the APTI curriculum.


Course Objective


          Learn how to recognize the importance of environmental values in decision making

          Learn how to avoid serious and irreversible damage to the environment

          Learn some of the current common pollution prevention techniques being used by   industry today

          Encourage dialogue with like-minded individuals on specific issues of concern in their organizations and the opportunity to develop regional networks to address common issues

          Encourage the "buy green concept or the use of more environmentally friendly products

          Assist the participants in obtaining a better appreciation of Agenda 21 (The Rio De Janeiro Conference on the Environment) and its inter-relationship amongst all the countries of the world

         Show and emphasize the close relationship between human health & safety and the environment

         Methodologies for the cleanup of contaminated land and the various parameters involved

          The basic requirements of ISO 14001 and its relationship to ISO 9001

          That each participant will know how to obtain environmental performance improvement through the implementation of ISO 14001


Who Should attend?


o        Health & Safety and Environmental Managers


o        Staff responsible for managing hazardous wastes


o        Laboratory Technicians


o        Staff wishing to reduce risk and liability arising from polluting events


o        Technical assistants and anyone who has a role to play in environmental matters of the Organization


Course Outline


         History of Air Pollution Control

         Health and Environmental Effects of Air Pollution

         Transport and Dispersion of Air Pollutants

         Air Quality Management

         Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

         Measurement of Emissions from Stationary Sources

         Emission Inventories

         Laws and Regulations

         Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources

         Control of Emissions from Mobile Sources

         Pollution Prevention

         Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement

         Indoor Air

















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