Safety in Transportation & Handling, Storage Material

Start Date: 23 Jun 2024
End Date: 27 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description


There are many kinds of hazards for materials transportation, handling, storage activities and equipment. Some are unique to particular activities, equipment, or kinds of materials.  Materials are the lifting, moving, and placing of items in various forms. It may be done manually or with equipment. Materials are one of the leading causes of disabling occupational injuries. According to the National Safety Council, 20% to 25% of all disabling occupational injuries result from materials handling

This course will help you recognize material handling situations. The course reviews proper lifting and moving techniques and describes how to use Handling Equipment safely. Other topics include how to select the personal protective equipment needed to handle materials safely, and how to properly use powered lifting devices.

Course Objective


 After completing this course you will be able to:

·         Recognize hazardous materials handling situations.

·         Plan your materials handling work to avoid accidents and injuries.

·         Use good lifting and moving practices.

·         Identify materials handling situations where ergonomics are relevant.

·         Recognize what materials handling equipment is available.

·         Understand the basics of using simple materials handling equipment safely.

·         Understand safe storages of material.

 Who Should attend?

This course is appropriate for everyone involved in the process of materials handling.

Course Outline


I - Safety Management and Loss Prevention 

·         Safety.

·         Hazard.

·         Risk.

·         Accident / incident.

·         Unsafe act and condition.

·         General safety rules.


II - Manual Material Handling

·         The backbone construction.

·         Back injuries.

·         Improper lifting.

·         Good lifting methods.

·         Video.


III - Load safety and Restraint

·         Vehicle Selection.

·         Amount of Restraint.

·         Load Height.

·         Maximum Load Weight.

·         Lashing.

·         Inspection of chains and hooks used for load restraining.

·         Principles of Restraining Loads.

·         Load Restraint Methods.

·         Lashing Material.

·         Securing Specific Loads.


IV - Forklift Operations

·         Safety Rules.

·         Ensuring a Safe Ride.

·         Seat Belts.

·         Restricted View.

·         Ramps – Loaded.

·         Ramps – Unloaded.

·         Parking.

·         Entering.

·         Refueling.

·         Hazardous Area.

·         Video.


V - Rigging and Slinging

·         Cranes.

·         Prior to Lifting.

·         Transporting the Crane.

·         Pre-Operational Check.

·         Routine Checks – Daily Before Work Commences.

·         Shut Down Procedures.

·         Safe Use of Manila Rope Slings.

·         Wire Rope Slings.

·         Recommended Loads for Wire Rope Slings.

·         Types of Slings.

·         Alloy Steel Chains for Overhead Lifting.

·         Video.


VI - Handling of Chemical

·         Chemical hazard.

·         MSDS.

·         Storage Requirements.

·         Handling Requirements.

·         Plastic Containers.

·         Handling drums.

·         Handling sacked materials.

·         Handling chemicals.

·         Video.


VII - Safe Warehousing Operations

·         Housekeeping.

·         Safe ladder.

·         Safe storage material.













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