Management of Preliminary Engineering

Start Date: 4 Jun 2023
End Date: 8 Jun 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


Once stakeholders have completed alternatives analysis and have selected a proposed New Starts mode and general alignment as its preferred alternative, project sponsors request approval to begin preliminary engineering (PE). During PE, the New Starts project sponsor refines the definition of the scope, schedule, and budget sufficient to complete the review process required . In addition, the products of preliminary engineering for New Starts projects should include a final scope, including provisions for accurate cost estimate; a thorough project management plan suitable for the phase of project development; and a solid financial plan, with a majority of the proposed funding committed to the project. This Course Discusses the Management process for Preliminary Engineering to highlight the applied tools & techniques.

Course Objective


 Course Learning Outcomes
    To understand the characteristics structure of management
    To understand the types of engineering process

    To workout the structure of a proposed PE report

Who Should attend?

The course is intended for design engineers, construction engineers, material engineers, maintenance technicians and officers responsible for the integrity of engineering process.

Course Outline




 Identify Preliminary Engineering Task

         design approximate percent level

         type, size, and location study

         Determine design to meet Management Plan

 2-    The Preliminary Engineering Report out line (PER)


         Executive Summary

         Project Area Definition

         Describe and document the need for the project and identify any problems to be solved

         General Design Requirements for Improvements

  3-     Guiding Principles of Preliminary Engineering                                                  


         Identification of all environmental impacts and making adequate provision for their mitigation

         Design of all major or critical project elements to the level that no significant unknown impacts relative to their costs or schedule will result.

         Completion of all cost estimating to the level of confidence necessary for the project sponsor to implement its financing strategy

         Definition of procurement requirements and strategies to deliver project service. 

The PM as a critical management tool for PE management

A.   Assess the technical capacity and capability of the project sponsor to undertake further project development. 

B.   demonstrate an adequate consideration of safety and security measures, document and cost controls, and value engineering, in addition

C.     perform a risk assessment of the projects scope, schedule, and budget, which is further intended to help manage the subsequent project implementation activities

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