Strategic Project Office's role in strategic planning (PMO)

Start Date: 11 Jun 2023
End Date: 15 Jun 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description

Many organizations have invested significant time, effort and money on project management software and training but are still not achieving the desired results. This five-day course prepares participants to deploy a Strategic Project Office and achieve the measurable results to demonstrate project office value in a modern-day competitive organization. The course explores how the Strategic Project Office provides project management expertise throughout the organization.

Participants will come away with better understanding of the Strategic Project Office's role in strategic planning, project portfolio management, project implementation, and the integration necessary between project management, accounting, and other enterprise systems. Course topics covered include assessing project management maturity in an organization and baselining project management competency, knowledge, and skill. Participants will learn how to overcome the political foes of a more active project office, and how to change the very culture of the organization to a "project culture." Most importantly, they will exchange practical ideas on how to manage a Strategic Project Office in the context of real-world organizational dynamics.

Course Objective


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

         Describe the mission and role of the Strategic Project Office (SPO) as an organization that links strategy to project execution

         Employ the Project Management Maturity Model and Project Manager Competency Assessment

         Describe the key staff positions necessary for deploying a Strategic Project Office and how to prepare staffing plans for bringing the Strategic Project Office on line

         Create and sustain a project culture within the organization

         Incorporate a project management methodology to your new and ongoing projects

         Explain the importance of centrally managing the resource pool as an enterprise project office

         Describe and apply the principles of portfolio management in the multi-project environment

         Apply practical tools and templates introduced during the course on the job immediately


Who Should attend?

This course is designed for project planning engineers and managers, and senior project control and business services professionals who have the responsibility for controlling project schedules and costs in client and contracting companies.

Course Outline


Project Office Overview

         Describe PM process improvement benefits

         Identify three types of project offices

         List SPO critical success factors

         Identify industry PMO usage and types

Aligning Your Strategic Project Office with Your Business Needs

         Describe how the SPO can facilitate deploying organizational goals through projects

         Identify how your SPO can provide maximum value

         Align your SPO strategy with your organization on governance, portfolio management, and resource optimization

Enabling Effective Government

         Identify governance practices and responsibilities

         Describe which practices will best align with your organization

         Integrate governance and life cycles into your PM Methodology

         Develop a plan for implementing appropriate governance policies in your SPO

Managing Your Portfolio Performance

         Identify the components of project portfolio management

         Describe how to perform portfolio evaluation and measurement

         Describe the challenges to monitoring portfolio performance

Optimizing Your Resources

         Determine the roles and responsibilities needed to effectively run an SPO

         Identify the competencies of successful project managers

         Describe how an SPO facilitates resource optimization

Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Change

         Explain key change management requirements and their application to project environments

         Identify and mitigate typical barriers to effective change implementation

         Create an effective organizational change management plan

Measuring Your SPOs Effectiveness

         Articulate the basic principles and terminology of measurement

         Recognize common barriers to implementing a measurement program and develop strategies to overcome them

         Establish a good set of project management performance and value measures

Benefits Realization and Best Practices

         Measure project management maturity in your organization

         Determine the next steps in expanding your PMO

         Identify the most important benefits of a Strategic Project Office

         Describe best practices to address SPO critical success factors

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