Practical use of the new FIDIC Conditions of Contract

Start Date: 10 Dec 2023
End Date: 14 Dec 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE
Category: Project & Contracting & Law

Course Description


The 1999 editions of  FIDIC Conditions of Contract are recommended by the European Commission throughout Central and Eastern Europe for the one billion Euro per annum Transport and Environmental Works Programme, and are increasingly being adopted by IFI's and private clients worldwide.

Course Objective


The seminar will Providing essential contractual know-how for working on future international projects

Who Should attend?


The seminar provides the necessary knowledge for professionals from Government Ministries and Agencies, Private Sector Employers, Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Legal Advisers and all involved with the next generation of International Projects.


It is particularly important to those involved in preparing or managing infrastructure projects financed under ISPA, the Cohesion Fund and the Structural Funds, as all works contracts use the FIDIC Conditions of Contract.  
Ensure your staff are prepared for working with these important documents, which will become the international contractual language of the 21st Century.

Course Outline


Introduction to the 1999 FIDIC documents
Background and reasons for change

·         Examination of format and content of General Conditions

·         Examination of Guide to Particular Conditions

·         Annex to documents

·         Selection of appropriate Contract

Responsibilities of Main Parties

§         General issues

§         Responsibilities of the Employer

§         The Engineer

§         The Contractor

§         Nominated Sub-Contractor

Management of Projects - Key Areas
Workmanship and Time

§         Staff and Labour

§         Plant, Materials and Workmanship

§         Commencement, Delays and Suspension

§         Tests and Defects liability

Financial Clauses and Procedures

§         Measurement and Evaluation,

§         Variation and Adjustment

§         Contract Price and Payment

§         Guarantees, Bonds

§         Insurances

Risks, Force Majeure & Termination

§         Termination by Employer

§         Suspension & Termination by Contractor

§         Risks and Responsibilities

§         Force Majeure

Claims and Disputes & Arbitration

§         Claims procedures

§         Disputes Adjudication Board

§         DAB Agreement & Procedures

§         Amicable Settlement and Arbitration

MDBs' Harmonised Construction Contract

§         Principal amendements

§         Contractual implication

Throughout  the seminar there will be opportunities for questions, and where appropriate, case studies will be introduced.

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