Hospitality Events and Conferences Management

Start Date: 17 Dec 2023
End Date: 21 Dec 2023
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Public Relations and Customer Service

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for events and conferences in a professional way.
  • Organize the different functions in the event or conference.
  • Control and supervise the different scientific and social activities in the event or conference.
  • Prepare the estimated budget for the conference.
  • Plan and organize different kinds of exhibitions.


Program Outline:

Events and Conferences

  • Importance and Concepts

Planning for Events and Conferences

  • Preparing the Event Plan
  • Selecting the Venue for the Event or Conference

Organization of the Event or Conference

  • Choosing the Human Resources for the Management of the Event or Conference
  • Forming Different Specialized Committees
  • Training the Teams In Charge of Managing the Event or Conference

Promotional Activities for Events and Conferences

  • Promotion and Advertisement of Events or Conferences
  • Steps Needed for the Promotion and Marketing of the Event or Conference

The Different Functions for Managing Events and Conferences

  • The Official Airline Carrier
  • Arrangements with Hotels
  • Conference Registration Activities
  • The Scientific and Social Programs of the Conference
  • Media Activities
  • Managing the Event or Conference Different Sessions


Organizing of Exhibitions

  • Planning for Exhibitions
  • Promoting Exhibitions
  • Organizing and Managing of Exhibitions
  • Steps in the Actual Implementation of Exhibitions

The Financial Aspects of the Conference

  • Preparing the Conference Budget
  • Controlling Expenditures According to the Budget
  • Specifying the Registration Fees

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