Excellence in Leadership & Creativity for Senior Managers

Start Date: 31 Dec 2023
End Date: 4 Jan 2024
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE

Needs & Benefits

This specific training offers to participants some substantial information about excellence in leadership and creativity for senior managers. General themes revolve around the principles and styles of successful leaders in leading people and driving change in organizations to accomplish the strategic goals and desired outcomes. In addition, the training will be highlighting the main issues and challenges faced by leaders in bringing change in the workplace and ensuring greater organizational effectiveness. Beside that, it will provide participants with some valuable tips, advice and recommendations on how to think in a creative way to improve individual perception, manners and behaviors at work. 

How will this seminar be conducted?

It is going to be a 5-day seminar through which participants will interact and work together through group think activities in order to better assimilate and apply the concept of developing excellence in people leadership and thinking outside the box. The course will also help participants to have a better vision about the future, be proactive and devise a strategic plan that will be conducive to achieve greater organizational effectiveness. Several case studies, videos, group activities in addition to self-test will be assigned to all participants during this program. 

Why this seminar is designed for you?

This training will tackle all the areas related to excellence in leadership, creativity, motivation, advanced communication and empowerment. It will develop participantsí know-how and core competencies to better assume their roles, duties and professional responsibilities in the organizations. By end of this program, participants will have a better understanding and awareness on how to think in a creative way, promote best practices and improve the companiesí status and programs to achieve outstanding results. In this respect, some valuable tips and advice will be shared with all participants to accordingly update their knowledge, upgrade their skills and enhance their performance at work.

Who should attend:

This training will be animated by a certified trainer and qualified expert in the field of Management and HR Consultancy Services. We expect the target audience to represent the middle and senior management levels in the companies. However, any person who is highly interested to attend this workshop is most welcome to join us in this program.

Daily Outlines:

Day One

Concept of Creativity

 Defining the concept of creativity in a business context. 

 Explaining the link between creativity, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence. 

 Describing the various types of creativity and their significance in the workplace.

 Identifying the ways and means to stimulate own creativity to achieve better results. 

 Promoting creativity and applying this concept while performing the job. 

 Providing some valuable tips and advice on how to be creative. 

Day Two

Dealing with Change

 Defining the concept of change and its impact on people and organizations.

 Explaining the forces driving the need for major changes in organizations.

 Describing people attitude, reactions and emotional response to change. 

 Discussing the dimensions of change and their impacts on business operations. 

 Clarifying the importance of introducing change in the organizations. 

 Highlighting the benefits of change from individual and organizational perspectives. 

Day Three

Leadership Excellence

 Defining the concept of leadership excellence and essential leadersí traits.

 Highlighting the values and characteristics of successful and effective leaders. 

 Displaying the various leadership styles in effectively managing teams and employees.

 Discussing the general attributes and achievements of successful leaders.

 Developing excellence in people leadership and thinking outside the box.

 Providing some valuable tips on how to improve own behavior and overall performance. 

Day Four

Advanced Communication & Motivation

 Highlighting the principles and value of advanced communication. 

 Integrating communication and motivation factors in business area

 Checking your communication styles and approach in dealing with teams/employees.

 Identifying the main challenges faced in communicating and motivating teams/staff. 

 Building trust and ensuring a productive work environment and rewarding relationships.

Day Five

Presentations & Feedback

 Delivering short presentations about selected topics.

 Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses. 

 Mapping the course and exchanging thoughts/ideas. 

 Providing professional advice and recommendations.

 Giving and receiving feedback about the training program.

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