Competency Based Performance Management

Start Date: 2 Jun 2024
End Date: 6 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: Dubai / UAE


Course Description

 Managing performance is not difficult.  It’s about practical ways of improving how you do things in your organisation.  However, Managing performance involves much more than setting up a system. 

The mechanics, targets, indicators, and plans are only a small part of the process and they are easy to deal with in comparison to getting the right focus, leadership, and culture in place. Performance management is a fundamental and critical tool for best practice.

Performance management starts with recognising competencies – or the skills knowledge and behaviours that make performance effective.

Course Objective

 Following the workshop you will be able to:

·         Consider use of a Integrated Framework for organizational improvement

·         Consistently maintain a clear line of sight between goals and individual job implications

·         Assess the effect of leadership behaviour on climate

·         Construct a competency framework

·         See the benefits of role statements to role clarity, and performance management

·         Link generic role competencies and contribution levels

·         Identify role balance

·         Link personal development plans to measured business objectives

·         Start to develop a performance culture


Who Should attend?

 This course is designed for those who work as training coordinators, trainers, personnel and HR staff and who wish to make an immediate difference to their service, productivity and ability to influence others in the organisation through the provision of a service that impacts business strategy.

Course Outline


What is Performance Management?


Basic Elements of A Performance Management System

·         The State of the Art in Performance Management

·         Performance Management Defined

·         What Performance Management Can Include

·         Sources of Feedback

·         Timing of the Performance Management Cycle

·         Goals of the System

·         Trends In Performance Management


 Review of Research on Performance Appraisal

·         Key Points of Research

·         Common Problems with Performance Management Systems

·         Relevant Parameters of a Performance Appraisal System

·         Potential Constraints on Performance


Performance Planning

·         Performance Objectives and Standards - Defined

·         Performance Planning - What is Appraised?

·         Preparing Performance Objectives and Standards

·         Identifying Behavioural Expectations

·         Two Way Communication

·         Adjusting the Plans


 Progress Review and Coaching

·         The Importance of Continuous Review and Feedback

·         Coaching for Performance and Influencing Behaviour

·         Giving and Receiving Feedback

·         Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback - Practice

·         Dealing With Performance Issues


The Final Performance Review Interview

·         Evaluating Performance and Competency

·         Performance Results

·         Preparing for the Interview

·         Performance Review Meetings - Communication

·         Performance Review Meetings - Effective Listening


Developmental Planning

·         Identifying Developmental Needs

·         Roles of the Supervisor and Employee

·         Preparing the Performance Review Form

·         Conducting the Final Performance Review Interview

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