Strategic Thinking, Visionary Leadership and Business Planning

Start Date: 23 Jun 2024
End Date: 27 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: London / UK

This Workshop offers an extensive training on Strategic Planning and Goal Setting of Leadership and Management in the 21st Century with Focus on Business Planning This workshop will provide the most comprehensive training on Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning, leadership and managerial effectiveness in formal organizations with practical suggestions for improving Decision Making and Problem Solving, Managerial and leadership skills. Including Business Plans Development


• Strategic Business Plans

• Setting Goals and Best Tools to Performance

• Corporate Governance

• Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning

• Strategic Change

• To become a more Productive Manager.

• Effective Communication Strategy

• To learn different Management Styles and how to deal with it.

• To learn the importance of Productive Performance Appraisal

• To become a Visionary Leader in the 21st Century

• Differentiate between management and leadership 

• Leadership Empowerment and Delegation

• Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques.

• Time and Priority Management

• SMART Goals and KPIs

Who should attend:

• Top Management

• Middle Management

Daily Outlines:

Day One

ν Strategy in the 21st Century

ν Vision and Mission

ν Strategic Management Process

ν Strategic Formulation

ν Environmental Scanning and Tools

ν Formulating Mission and Vision

ν Strategic Thinking

ν Strategic Analysis –SWOT, PEST etc

ν Strategic Direction-SMARTER

ν Effective Strategic Planning Models

ν Strategic Formulation

ν Strategic Implementation

ν Strategic Evaluation

ν KPIs’ and CSFs’

Day Two

ν Strategic Business Plans

ν BP Contents

ν Strategic Positioning

ν Strategic Goal Setting

ν Strategic Cultural Change

ν Time and Stress Management

ν Critical Thinking

ν Creative Solving problems 

ν Effective Decision Making

ν Decision Making Techniques Pareto, Grid, Decision Tree etc

ν Managerial Grid Styles

Day Three

ν Visionary Leadership

ν Strategic Human Resources Management

ν The Nature Of Leadership

ν The Nature of Managerial Work

ν Effective Leadership

ν Change Management

ν Productive Performance Appraisal

ν Delegation and Empowerment 

Day Four

ν Effective Communication

ν Leadership in Teams 

ν Leadership in Decision Groups

ν Leadership Styles and Six Competence Levels

ν Developing Leadership Skills

ν Leadership in the 21st Century

Day Five

ν Strategic Renewal and Change

ν Organizational Diagnosis

ν Organizational Culture and Change

ν Emotional Intelligence

ν The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders and Managers

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