Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health

Start Date: 6 Nov 2022
End Date: 10 Nov 2022
Duration: 5
Country: Istanboul / Turkey
Category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Course Description


 Occupational Risk Management is a modern fast moving subject. It covers all aspects of risk associated with the worker, the work environment and its affects on health. There are many interfaces with other health and safety professionals in today’s modern industries. The Occupational Health Professional and Risk Managers must be aware of the expertise available to reduce risk within the workplace to an acceptable level, this includes appreciating the environment and the placement of the most suitable person to the job.

Today’s Occupational Health and Safety Professionals take the pro-active approach by trying to prevent ill- health and accidents before they happen.

Course Objective

The promotion and maintenance of the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the workforce, this is achieved by:

·         The prevention of departures from health due to working conditions.

·         The protection from risks resulting from factors adverse to health.

·         This can be summed up by the expression "The adaptation of work to man, and of each man to his job"

Who Should attend?


This course will be of interest to Occupational Health Professionals including Occupational Health Doctors and Nurses, including Industrial First Aiders. It would also be of interest to any other medical /Para-medical personnel working in an industrial environment i.e. Oil / Gas industry medics.

Other Professionals operating in Occupational Risk Management would benefit from this course such as Health & Safety Managers / Operatives, Loss Control Officers, Safety Representatives, Personnel and General Management

Course Outline




Introduction to Occupational Health and Hygiene

·         Introduction to the basic principles of occupational health and hygiene

·         The effects of work on health

·         Review of roles and functions of occupational health and safety professionals

·         Occupational Safety and Health management

·         The fundamental principles of establishing a safe system of work

·         Introduction to health risk assessment

·         Health screening and surveillance -Basic principles

·         Biological monitoring

·         Identification of occupational hygiene control strategies


Chemical Agents

·         Chemical hazards at work

·         Introduction to toxicology

·         Control of substances hazardous to health

·         Assessment and monitoring of hazardous substances

·         Occupational exposure limits

·         Controlling hazrdous substances

·         Introduction to local exhaust ventilation design

·         Personal protective equipment


Physical Agents

Noise - Its measurement, evaluation and control

·         Effects of noise on human health

·         Establishing a hearing conservation program

·         Principles of undertaking a noise survey

Vibration - its measurement, evaluation and control

·         Effects of hand arm and whole body vibration on human health

·         Assessing human vibration exposures

·         Controlling vibration

Heat Stress and Strain

·         Effects of heat

·         Evaluating heat stress

·         Controlling the risks from heat

·         Introduction to thermal comfort


Radiation, Biological Agents and Ergonomics

·         Hazards from radiation covering both ionising and non-ionising sources

·         Controlling radiation hazards

·         Biological hazards in the workplace

·         Managing the risk of legionnaires' disease

·         A review of the basic principles of food safety and food hygiene

·         Introduction to occupational ergonomics

·         Manual handling and musculoskeletal risks

·         Assessment and control of risks during manual handling operations

·         Display screen equipment


·         Review - Managing occupational health risks

·         Promoting occupational health programmes

·         Development of action plans

·         Extended exercise - case study

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