Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills

Start Date: 2 Jun 2024
End Date: 6 Jun 2024
Duration: 5
Country: Singapore

Course Description

This highly interactive programme investigates the characteristics and behaviours of top performers. Using state of the art management techniques of NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Science and Psychometric Tests, this training session will guide delegates actively through the world of Interpersonal communication, negotiation and presentation skills. All of the skills are transferable to the workplace.

Course Objective

         Demonstrate confidence in front of colleagues, customers and friends

         Understand Behavioural patterns and how to adapt to others

         Utilize crystal clear communication models in order to maintain rapport

         Examine the most up-to-date negotiation, communication and presentation skills and be confident to use them in the workplace

         Understand the innovative business tools of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural techniques and be able to model those skills when working with others

         Use appropriate body language, voice and tone in order to create a positive and lasting first impression with every customer facing opportunity

         Ensure a win win situation in every negotiation

         A more confident and effective team of negotiators and presenters

         A crystal clear communication strategy within your organisation

         A greater understanding of behaviours within the organisation

         Innovative strategies for working with others within the organisation and outside

         Increased numbers of successful negotiations with customers and staff alike

         Lasting rapport with customers, ensuring they work with your organisation rather than a competitor

         Customers see your negotiators as world class and professional

         Conflict resolution is seen as a challenge not a threat

Who Should attend?

          Personnel who need to influence others, either socially or commercially  

         Also, any professional who has to negotiate a successful outcome from any meeting, either in a business or in a personal setting will find this programme beneficial

Course Outline


DAY 1 - How to build lasting rapport

         The art of building lasting rapport

         How to identify Behavioural traits and react to them

         How to modify your own behaviour to match otherís

         Sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you

         Connect with colleagues and clients at a level that creates deeper trust and commitment

         Step into another personís shoes to better appreciate their experiences and motivations

         Read body language in order to understand how others are thinking and responding to you

         Notice the clues that show if a person is telling the truth, or not

DAY 2 - Crystal clear communication

         What is NLP - A basic introduction

         Powerful listening and questioning techniques

         Thinking patterns

         Filters to communication

         The use of Metaphors


         Perceptual positions

         Logical levels of change

         Climates of trust

         Well formed outcomes

         Interpersonal Communication exercises

DAY 3 - The negotiation model

         The negotiating framework model

         Two Habits Of Highly Effective Negotiators

         Communication in negotiation

         Think Win/Win

         Consider Options



         When to Walk Away

         Negotiation Exercise

DAY 4 - Creating the Right Message

         Introductory presentations and feedback

         What makes a speaker appear confident?

         Harnessing nerves in a creative way

         Key messages received from presentations and top presenter

         The importance of good eye contact in presenting

         Body language and the part it plays in presentations

         Assertiveness and the presenter

         Stance, confidence and professionalism

         The non-verbal impact of presentations

         Using the body to create impact

         The importance of gestures

         The vocal skills of top presenters

         Increased emphasis, tonality and tonal marking

DAY 5 - Professional Planning Process

         Planning for the perfect presentation

         Audience focused objectives

         Researching the audience and setting time related objectives

         Venue considerations and why they are so important

         The differing skills for small or platform presentations

         Content and the message the audience receives

         Visual aids, what are they and how they should be used

         Creating audience interaction with visual aids

         Powerful techniques for use with visuals

         Using PowerPoint effectively

         How to influence an audience and handle questions with ease

         The final presentations


The Kuwait Institute For Career Development